Believe it or not, I haven’t always been the best about adopting a good skin care regimen. Sure, I’ve often used products I’ve heard about, some great, some not so great, and I love skin care, but my problem has always been sticking to it! Getting into the habit of taking my makeup off at night has been a huge challenge, especially after giving birth to baby number 3, and recently I could tell my skin was suffering. So, I decided to break that bad habit after my good friend and aesthetician, Tisha O’dowd with Skin Theory in Franklin, Tennessee made me swear to change my ways, and told me she could thoroughly improve my skin if I would let her. So, I said yes! A big YES!

The first thing she did to prepare my skin for positive change………DERMAPLANING! I know, this has been around a while and I’m a little late to the party. I’ve wanted to do it for a long time, but busy mom syndrome would always set in, and I never got around to it. Boy was I missing out. Dermaplaning is a game changer!

Dermaplaning resulted in the biggest change in the texture of my skin that I had ever seen after a skin treatment. I’ve had facials and peels before, but nothing ever left my skin feeling and looking like this did. Dermaplaning is basically a process where the top layer of skin (all those nasty dead skin cells and hair) is exfoliated to reveal a new shiny beautiful layer of skin. It might sound like it hurts, but I promise it doesn’t.

My skin felt amazing and was immediately primed and ready to soak up all the products Tisha introduced to me. Before dermaplaning, products would just sit right on top of those dead skin cells. Now I know why it often seemed like products weren’t working. Not anymore! Did I say game changer? And for an upgrade, add an oxygen boost. It’s a bit more expensive, but for those with dry skin like me, it’s worth it.








BYLYLY- Bethany Sharp
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